Welcome to Whole Life Weight Management!

Most Americans wish to lose weight, regardless of how we appear to others. We have very good reasons. We are concerned about our health. We want to avoid social stigma, and reap the considerable benefits of being more attractive. We may want to address pain in our joints, or be more active and get around more easily. These are all valid goals, and well worth working toward.

Unfortunately, we have some mistaken beliefs about how to achieve these goals. We believe that we must lose a significant amount of weight BEFORE we can reap any of these benefits. We also believe that through willpower we can force ourselves to eat less, give up “bad” foods, and exercise more. We believe that if we have the strength of will to do this, we can and will reach our goal of losing a specific number of pounds. This leads many of us to diet.

The truth is that most dieters regain their weight because of physiological processes they have no control over. Research suggests that repeat dieters are less healthy than folks who have maintained a stable, but higher weight. So, what can we do? Stop dieting and start living a happier and healthier life.

When our behavior is in balance with our natural needs, we will tend toward a stable weight which is our natural weight. Our natural weight may be higher than we dream of being, but it is stable and healthy for us. I’m not saying “give up” or “let yourself go.” Learning to live in balance with our real needs takes some work. It’s not easy. There is a lot to learn, and a lot of mistakes to make along the way. But this is the path to real change that will last, and support a healthier and happier life.